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Amazing world facts

The total land area of the earth’s surface is estimated at 148,647,000 sq km. This is about 29.1% of the total surface area of Earth. The largest and most populated continent is Asia, with an area of 44,579,000 sq km. The idea of its size can be had from the fact that the total land expanse of the world can’t contain even four continents of this size. According to latest data for 2011, the world population stands at more than 7 billion. Amazingly, the world population has doubled during the last 40 years. It is expected to touch about 10.5 billion by the year 2050. On average, there are 47 people for every sq km of the world. Macau, an administrative region in China, has the highest population density – 18,534 per sq km; on the other hand, places like Mongolia have less than 2 people every sq km! By area, the largest country is Russia – 17,075,400 sq km. The smallest one is Vatican City, a mere 0.44 sq km. Believe it or not, Russia can hold close to 39 million countries the size of Vatican City! The estimated literacy rate for the world is 82%. Overall, the male  [ Read More ]


Little things you need to know about caffeine

Despite common belief, the coffee will not help you get sober quickly if you’re drunk, nor will make you addicted, and will kill you if you drink 85 cups at once. Caffeine doesn’t make you addicted! It is a stimulant which excites nerve cells, but unlike nicotine it is safe and not addictive if you use it sparingly. However if you drink coffee regularly you may feel little adicted,like in the mornings you will sleepier and you might get headaches, difficulty in concentrating, and muscle aches. Moderate daily intake of caffeine: Two to three cups of coffee a day or 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine per day is considered a moderate dose for most adults….. Beneficial effects: Reduces the risk of diabetes, gallstones, Parkinson’s disease and liver disease. But despite that studies have shown that doctors do not recommend caffeine consumption for reducing the risk of diseases. Caffeine is also great for oily skin without wrinkles, and therefore is part of the composition of many anti-aging creams Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not consume caffeine! Some studies linked the large caffeine intake to higher risk of miscarriage and slowed fetal growth. In the case of nursing mothers caffeine  [ Read More ]


Arms aloft, this image of a baby seemingly squashed into a plastic tube had concerned viewers wondering what the infant was being subjected to. The tiny tot is confined within a see-through tube which has been placed on a table. The rosy-cheeked infant is squeezed into the cylinder, with its little hands forced above the head. But it turns out there was nothing sinister going on – the apparatus is actually an x-ray device . And the trapped tot is merely undergoing some medical tests. The image has gone viral on Reddit and a former healthcare professional commented that the device was definitely not an instrument of torture. He said: “I worked as a floor guy buffing and scrubbing at a hospital and every time I got to xray and radiology I always saw this machine sitting in the hallway and had to move it. I never once saw the xray tech grab it. “I had no idea that is what this was. This pic answers a 3 year old question I never asked.” Another comment had an ingenious use for the picture. “I’m totally saving this picture for when my 8-year-old asks me where babies come from and how  [ Read More ]


Timeline covers for facebook 2


Timeline covers for facebook


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Amazing world facts

The total land area of the earth's surface is estimated ...

Little things you ne

Despite common belief, the coffee will not help you get ...

Baby squashed in tub

Arms aloft, this image of a baby seemingly squashed into ...

Timeline covers for

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